3 Ways Water Enters A Basement And Causes Flooding

If you come home from work after a bad rainstorm and find inches of water in your basement, you should immediately call a company that offers emergency water removal services. Getting the water out of your house fast is the ultimate goal in minimizing damages, but you must also find out why the water got inside your house. If this much water came in, there is a definite problem that must be fixed to prevent this from happening again. An emergency water removal company can help you locate the source of the leak, and they might find that it was caused by one of the following issues. Red more info below. 

The Walls

After an emergency water removal company removes the water from your basement and gets the area dried out, they may inspect your house to determine where the water came from. If the flooding occurred after a rainstorm, the water had to come in through holes somewhere in the basement. The first place they may check is the walls.

To find out if this is the problem, they will walk around the perimeter of your house to determine if the slope is proper. The ground located against your house should be higher than the ground away from your home. If the ground next to your home is lower than the rest of your yard, it is likely the water came in due to improper grading and elevation.

This will cause the water to naturally drain towards your house, and it can seep through your basement walls. To stop this from happening, the contractor may suggest building up the area around your house with dirt or sand.

In addition, you may need to have your basement walls waterproofed. There are several ways this is done. One way is by placing a black, tar-like substance over the interior walls, which is designed to stop water from penetrating through concrete. There are also a variety of other materials, such as paint and concrete sealant, which can be applied to interior walls to stop water from entering.

In some cases, contractors will recommend waterproofing the exterior foundation walls. This is a lot harder to do and more expensive, because it requires excavating the ground near the home. The soil is removed so the contractor can access the outer walls. Once this is done, the contractor will place a water sealant material on the walls and will refill the holes.

Contractors can also install a French drain system around the perimeter of your house during exterior waterproofing. This is a system designed to collect rain water before it enters a house, and it is installed in the area around the perimeter of your home.


Another place the contractor can check is the windows in your basement. Basement windows are prone to leaks because they are located near the ground. They will typically leak only when there is a lot of water near them, and this is often a result of blocked up gutter pipes.

If the windows are the cause of the leaks, you may need to complete a few steps to stop this from happening in the future. This can include:

  • Caulking the windows – Caulk can stop water from entering small cracks in the areas where the windows meet the rest of the house.
  • Installing window wells – Window wells are placed outside and are designed to deter water from the windows in a basement.
  • Replacing the windows – If the windows are old and have cracks in them, it might be wise to replace them.

Taking the necessary steps to fix any problems with your windows will help you avoid flooding in your basement.

Sump Pump

The third thing the water damage company may check is the sump pump. If you do not have a sump pump, they will recommend getting one. If you do have one, they will examine it to find out why it did not pump water away from your house.

A sump pump is a necessary device for any home with a basement. While you may not need it a lot, it can come in very handy when you do need it. A sump pump should automatically turn on when it senses water, and it will pump the water away from your home instead of allowing it to come in.

Trying to get rid of standing water from your basement is not an easy task to accomplish on your own. Luckily, there are companies that specialize in emergency water removal services. They can help you get the problem fixed, and they can help you avoid this in the future. To learn more, contact an emergency water removal company today.