Think That No Water Line Means Your Home’s Upper Story Is Safe? Think Again

If you live in a multistory house in an area that experiences flooding, you know that moving everything upstairs can save it from water damage. However, if your home has just gone through a flood, don't assume everything upstairs is fine if it didn't get wet. It's certainly in better shape, but you still need it inspected by a damage restoration company. Damage after a flood is not limited to just immersion damage -- there are a number of issues that could still affect your entire home.

Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew like humid areas, and if your house was in a flood, even a minor one, the house could now be home to many spores that are multiplying. From your home's walls to the fabric on furniture like couches, mildew and mold can take hold and create some real problems down the road. Have a damage restoration team inspect everything even if it didn't get wet, just to be sure that nothing is brewing.


If any of the home's wiring was exposed to flood waters, you must get the wiring checked out even if you think the flooding wasn't that bad. Flood waters can make wiring start to corrode, and turning on the electricity before having it checked could result in a short circuit that blows out the wiring system. Worse, it could start a fire.

Fleeing Pests

Just as you probably tried to get away from the flood waters, so did pests in the area. Some of them may have run into your home. A good damage restoration team can search for signs of infestation, though you can also call a pest control company.

Rotting Support

If the flood waters were around for a substantial length of time, they could have started the rotting process on the frame and supports for the house. If you have a wood frame, for example, the wet wood at ground level might not support the rest of the house anymore. Those repairs can be expensive if they are not done immediately. This does not happen with all floods, but you can't take a chance because the damage can eventually be irreversible. Call a damage restoration company ASAP.

A good water damage restoration team can evaluate your whole home and its contents, helping you save items and replace others. Don't wait to call if you have water damage -- waiting just makes it worse.