Monitor Your Downspouts To Get Warned About Any Issues That Could Affect Your Roof

When it's raining, the last thing you might want to do is stand outside. However, if you grab a coat and an umbrella and position yourself where you can watch what is flowing out of your downspout, it will give you a good idea of any issues that could affect your roof. You can then take action by calling a roofing contractor who can visit your home, climb onto the roof, and assess the condition of the roof for you. This proactive approach may end up saving you a significant amount of money, as it could result in the early detection of an issue that would worsen without intervention. If these things are coming out of your downspout, it's time to call a roofer.

Gritty Sediment

It's a concern when you can identify gritty sediment being carried out of your downspouts as the water flows. This sediment is typically small bits of asphalt from your roofing shingles, which suggests that they are wearing out. While shingles will loose some of their grit over time, a high concentration of grit in the water coming out of your downspout suggests that many of the shingles have lost their integrity. Without their layer of grit, they lack the impermeability to keep water from soaking through and rotting your roof, so it's likely time to have a roofing company replace some of the shingles.


If no water — or very little water — is flowing out of your downspout, it's a sign that there's a blockage. When your gutters are blocked, often due to leaves, water has to go somewhere, and it can often get pushed under your roofing shingles. Find a roofing company that also does gutter work. The contractor can remove the blockage to allow the water to flow freely again, as well as ensure that the roof isn't damaged.

Feathers And Twigs

If you notice feathers and twigs being carried out of your downspout in the water, it's a likely sign that birds are nesting in your gutters. Nests can create a blockage that risks damage to your roof. A roofing contractor will check if the roof has indeed been damaged, and can also mount screens to the tops of your gutters. Often known as gutter guards or gutter shields, these mesh-like products prevent birds from nesting in your gutters, but allow the water to collect in them and flow away, thus lessening the risk of issues with your roof.

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