Tips To Help Deal With Damage Of Log Homes And Maintenance To Preserve Timber

If you have a log home, damage is a problem that you will face due to things like insects, water damage and wear of the exposed timber. Over the years, damage may need to be repaired, but you can prevent a lot of these problems with regular maintenance like cleaning and staining log homes. Here are some of the things that you will want to do to deal with damage to a log home:

1. Insect Treatments and Keeping Pests Away from The Timber in Your Log Home

With the exposed timber in log homes, pests are a major problem. Insects like bees and termites will quickly eat away at logs and cause damage to your home. To protect your home, make sure that it is treated regularly for pests that damage exposed wood. When you have the logs stained, a treatment can also be applied that will help to keep pests like termites away. In addition, make sure that the logs are sealed against pests like woodpeckers, which will make holes in logs for nesting and feeding on insects. Staining and sealing log homes helps to protect from these pest problems.

2. Protecting Your Home by Repairing Damage to Prevent Deterioration of Logs

Even when you treat for pests and do other maintenance, there is going to be damage to logs at some point. To ensure repairs do not grow into major structural problems, make sure you do the repairs when they are needed. Check around the areas that are most likely to get damage regularly, such as window and door openings or porch areas of your log home. These areas are also the most likely to have problems with insect damage because they are usually where pests get into your home.

3. Regular Staining and Sealing of Logs to Protect Them from The Elements

Staining and sealing is essential to protect the timbers in log homes from rotting. The logs in your home need to be stained every few years to ensure that they are protected from the weather and pests that cause damage. A professional log home repair service will be able to help with repairs, cleaning and sealing logs to protect your home from damage.

With proper maintenance and repairs to damaged logs when needed, your log home will last for generations. Contact a log repair contractor, like MATT'S LOG and Wood Siding Solutions Inc, to get help with maintenance like log home staining and sealing to protect your home from the elements.