Rebuilding Your Home After Flooding From A Hurricane

Hurricanes can bring devastating floods with them, and if your home is hit by one of these storms, you may be faced with wind damage as well as water damage. If you have decided that you can rebuild your home, there are a few things you'll want to do before you begin the process. Here are a few things to take into consideration as you prepare to rebuild.

Remove Excess Water

You won't likely be able to get into your home until flood waters have receded, but there may still be a significant amount of water in the home. Removing it is an essential step to take before you begin to take stock of what can be repaired, what can be restored, and what needs to be thrown away. Industrial fans can remove moisture and small amounts of water from the home, but for larger amounts of water, you may need to invest in heavy-duty pumps.

Check with your local government to see if any pumps are being made available for residents, or contact a water damage restoration company, such as The Professionals Kauai, LLC., to help you safely remove the water from your home. If you don't have access to electricity, you may be able to partner with your utility company for access to power for this purpose.

Get Utilities Turned On

You may have had to have your gas and electricity shut off, or your local utility companies may have done this for you. Once the home is dry and safe to re-enter, work to have the utilities restored. They will help to make the rebuilding process easier, as you can heat your home as well as run electrical appliances and tools. Be sure to check with the water company to ensure your running water is safe and potable. You may need to use bottled water for cleaning as well as drinking and cooking.

Look For Help

Your city or town may have been declared a disaster area after the hurricane hit, and there may be some financial aid or charitable programs available to help you rebuild. Before you begin purchasing building materials, look for different types of assistance available to you so you can rebuild your home quickly without having to go through your entire life savings. In some cases, you may even be able to apply for assistance from FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Begin The Cleanup

You will want to begin getting rid of items that can't be restored, such as old books, carpeting, and clothing. A water damage restoration company can help you to determine which items can be salvaged and which ones need to be thrown away. The company may also be able to handle the cleanup for you, which is a convenient option if you have small children or mobility issues. Once all of the damaged items are removed, you and the restoration company can determine how much flooring and drywall damage there is and take steps to prevent mold and mildew growth in the home.

Once you have the home safe for people to be inside and you've secured financial assistance, you can begin the steps necessary to rebuild your home. Have your water restoration company assist with replacing the walls and floors, and don't forget to look for ways you can reduce your home's vulnerability to flooding as you make the necessary repairs.