Dealing With Smoke Damaged Material

If you have had a fire in a part of your home then you will be left with a mess to deal with. This mess can include everything from soot and smoke smell to ruined and damaged items, as well as water damage. The first thing you need to do is to clean out the home and remove everything so you can sort through the things you can salvage and get rid of the things that are beyond repair. You may need to have professionals help you to get your home back in living condition, so you should work on getting the soot and smoke smell out of the items you decided to keep in the meantime. Here are three tips you should try for removing both soot and smoke from your things:

  1. Remove everything from the home carefully

Soot is like an oil and this means if it rubs against anything then the soot will get smeared into your things and be even harder for you to get out of them. When you pick up your things you should do it one at a time, to avoid them rubbing against one another. Set everything out flat and get yourself a helper.

  1. Remove the soot off each item one by one

You want to take the hose end of a vacuum cleaner and put it about an inch away from the object you are cleaning while your helper holds the object still. Turn the vacuum on and very carefully suck up the soot. If the vacuum hose touches the item then the soot will smear on the item, making it harder to clean. If there is still some soot on the items then you can try shaking them out into the wind. You can also hang the ones you are able to from a clothesline and hit them with a broom. Be sure you don't hit the areas where soot actually is, or you can cause it to smear from the broomstick.

  1. Get the smell of smoke out of everything you can

After the soot is removed as much as possible from each of the items, you want to soak them. You can use large bins, wading pools or even bathtubs to soak them. Use enough water to cover all the items completely and a strong liquid cleanser. Allow them to soak on their own for a few hours, then mix them up with your hands or a stick. Let the water out and repeat this process. Once you feel you are close, run the items you can through the regular wash. You may need to do this a few times. For larger items, you can hand wash them a few times in a large bin by hand, vigorously scrubbing them.

Contact a restorations service for help with your smoke damaged materials.