Water Line Break In Master Bathroom And Not Home? 2 Tips To Get Things Back To Normal

When a water line breaks in a bathroom it can cause a flood very quickly. If not taken care of fast the water will spread to other rooms near the bathroom. Because this happened to you and you were not home you are likely having this problem. If so, below are two tips to help you get things back to normal again.

Dry It Out

Once the water is shut off you need to get as much water as you can off the floor and carpeting. If you have a shop vac this works well. This is because a shop vac has very powerful suction. If you do not have one you should be able to rent one from a home improvement store.

Attach the hose with the floor nozzle to the shop fac. Turn it on and press the floor nozzle on the bathroom floor to suck up the water. IT will take you some time to get it all off. Use the crevice tool on the shop vac to get water from small areas.

If there is water on carpeting, use the floor nozzle and move it across the floor slowly. You will have to push down on the nozzle, so it can get water from deep into the carpet. Do this to the entire floor. If you have fans, blow them on the carpet to help everything dry out.

If you find that you have so much water that you cannot get it all off, then a water restoration company is needed.

Call Water Restoration Company

A water restoration company has a special tool they can use to determine where wetness is on the floor. They press the tool on the floor and if it flashes red then there is water. This is very useful as there may be wet parts of the carpet that you are not aware of.

The water restoration company will have large fans they will place in your home to help dry the carpet out. They will leave these fans with you for a few days to give them time to do their job. After a few days if the carpet is still very wet or the carpet pad is not drying, the water restoration company will have to rip the carpeting out completely. The bathroom floor may also need to be ripped out.

Once the carpet and bathroom floor are removed look at the floor boards closely for any wetness. If there is wetness this part of the flooring may have to be replaced if it is weak. The water restoration company, like SERVPRO Of Central Chester , can let you know this.

Talk with your insurance company about this information. The insurance agent will work with you about getting your carpet and other flooring replaced.