Three Reasons Why You Should Waterproof Your Basement Before Winter

Winter is almost here. Snow will start falling. Sometimes it sticks to your foundation, and sometimes it melts. Regardless, it is right there, by your foundation, looking for a way to seep in through any cracks that are present. For this reason, and several others, you might want to waterproof your basement ASAP.

Seeping Through the Cracks

Until snow piles up high enough, it continues to wax and wane in height around your foundation. When it wanes, it enters the cracks in your foundation and touches warmer air. Then it dribbles down the wall as water and pools on your basement floor. Meanwhile, when the temperatures plummet, the melted stuff freezes in tiny cracks in your foundation. That is even worse, as you will see why.

Frozen Seepage in the Cracks Equals Bigger Cracks

A basement that has not been waterproofed only goes from bad to worse. Here, the melted snow in the cracks of your basement freezes and expands when the temperatures plummet. When that happens, the cracks widen. Then your basement becomes even wetter than before and there is significant damage to your foundation walls.

From Large Cracks to Flooding

From worse to worst, as these cracks continue to expand, they will crumble. When they crumble, your basement is in danger of flooding, and your house is in danger of splitting apart right above the big cracks. Water in all its forms is no laughing matter where your home is concerned. If you can waterproof your basement now to prevent excess damage later, why would you not?

Additionally, the flooding that can result can destroy everything you have stored in your basement. Many insurance companies will not pay for your losses either, as they consider this issue one of "maintenance," and the failure on the homeowner's part to correct the problem before it became catastrophic. They certainly are not wrong for saying so, since you might have seen the small cracks developing over time.

The Structural Collapse of Your Home

It may be hard to believe, but some people actually let wet basements be, and they are not surprised by the structural collapse of their homes. Usually, it is the elderly who cannot afford the necessary repairs to their homes' foundations. Never let things with your wet basement get this far, especially when you can prevent all of that damage. Save yourself thousands by waterproofing your home.

For more information, contact local basement waterproofing services.