How To Turn That Old Armchair Into A Stunner

If you happen to have an old and beat up armchair in your house and you want to revive it to its former glory, then this article is for you. Even if the armchair has been sitting in an attic for years, with the upholstery pulled out, and the wood chipped and stained, you are still going to be able to salvage it. Perhaps you purchased it at an auction or a yard sale with the hopes of one day fixing it up. Well, now is the time to fix up that armchair and make it shine. Here's how you can make that possible.

Tighten Up The Joints

The first thing you will want to do is make sure the joints are all tight. You want to do this before you attempt to fix the stain and certainly before you go ahead and contact an upholstery service. Think of the joints as the foundation of the chair, so you want to make sure they are sound first. If the joints are old and the wood glue has completely dried off, then you will want to separate the joints with a rubber mallet and then sand off the old, dried glue. Then reapply new glue and tighten the chair using vices. Make sure that the vices have pads so that you can keep the chair protected from the imprint of the vices.

Sand, Stain, and Oil

The next step is to make sure the wood on the chair looks beautiful. Sand down any rough spots where there might be splinters. You can also use a peel off, indoor safe paint stripper. This will make sure you will end up with a smooth surface. Then, after the wood is smooth and bare, you can reapply the fresh stain. You can either get a stain that has a mixed in poly, or you can get a stain that is only wood-stain and then apply a separate coating of oil afterward. The poly will protect the chair, but many people don't like the look of poly and they prefer a more natural wood oil. You will apply the stain and oil with clean cloths.

Upholster The Chair With New Materials

At this point, the final thing you need to do is have the chair reupholstered. This is a task best left to the experts. The process of removing the cushioning and padding, and restitching the fabric after you have refilled the chair is something that you really don't want to try unless you are an expert. What you will need up with is a lumpy cushion with bad stitching. The easiest way to deal with this is to make sure that you get an expert upholstery service. They will be able to get beautiful fabric that will match up with the chair and also make it a very comfortable piece of furniture that you will feel proud displaying in your home.

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