Running Out Of Hot Water All The Time But Can’t Get A New Boiler? What To Do

If you are always running out of hot water throughout the day and the boiler that you use to heat water is getting old, there are some things that you can do. If the cost to purchase and install a new one is out of the budget and not on the agenda any time soon, you will have to find other ways around this problem. Talk with a boiler installation professional about doing the following things throughout the house, to help eliminate the hot water problems you're dealing with.

Service the Boiler

If you aren't in a position to financially replace the boiler system, at least have a professional come to the house to do these things:

  • Flush the system to remove build-up
  • Check mechanical fittings and sensors
  • Tune-up the machine
  • Inspect for gas leaks or flaws

Once they have done all these things, it should help with the efficiency and help the boil run without as many issues.

New Efficient Fixtures

People may be wasting too much water throughout the day, which isn't helping with running out of hot water. You can help prevent this by installing efficient shower head and sink faucet fixtures that reduce the amount of water that comes out at one time, while still improving the water pressure. This is a great way to save money, and stop everyone from taking too long of hot showers.

Shower Timers

Have shower timers installed on the heads of the showers if you can, which will shut off the water after a certain time, or after a specific amount of water has been used. People will learn to get in and get out quickly so they don't end up running out of water to finish their shower, or they won't fill the water up too high in the tub if you add one to a faucet.

When you have a busy house and people are taking showers all throughout the day, and more than one person sometimes have to use water at a time, you want to make sure that you are conserving all you can. If your boiler can't keep up with your hot water demands, then doing these things will help to not only save on your water bill and keep your house filled with hot water longer, but it's also going to help extend the life of your current boiler that you want to last.