Is Your Shop Machine Shrieking And Squealing? What To Check First

If you have a machine on your shop floor that is starting to make some odd noises, like shrieking and squealing noises, you want to find out what the problem is before you have the entire unit breakdown. There could be a few small problems that just need to be replaced or repaired to stop these sounds and issues, and to prevent future complications from becoming a costly and necessary expense. If you aren't capable of doing these things on your own, have a machining mechanic come to the shop and look at the following items on the unit.

Get New Hoses, Belts and Fittings

If the houses have any leaks or damages, or they are coming loose from the fittings, this could be causing some of the loud shrieks and noises you hear coming from the machine. It may be time to replace some of the hoses that have worn and thinned, and some of the fittings that aren't holding the hoses into place as they should be.

Check for Fluid Leaks

If any of the fluids inside the machine are dripping or leaking, and these get on the hoses and belts, this can cause some noises. It can also make the machine smell like it's overheating or like something is burning. Condensation throughout the machine can also cause water droplets and have this affect. Have the machine inspected for any type of internal leaks.

Apply Gear Lubricant

 If the gears are getting rusty or aren't lubricated properly, they may start to make noises and feel too tight. Make sure all the gears are lubricated properly, and if you see that there are gears that are rusty or corroding, take the time and spend the money to invest in new components. Lubrication may not be enough to treat the problem.

When you have a large machine that is used every day in your shop, and that is an important part of your business sand production throughout the day, you have to be sure that you are caring for it regularly. Talk with the machine mechanics to see what other things you should be doing to monitor and maintain the machines around the shop, and what parts you should have on hand in case they need replaced quickly. These are just some of the issues that could be causing the loud squealing and shrieking noises, and you could end up with even bigger repairs needed. Contact a company, like RNL HYDRAULICS SALES & SERVICE, for more help.