Floods And Mold Damage: When Your Clothes Are Left Behind

Flash floods are sudden and unyielding. It is important to get out and find higher ground quickly. When you barely escape with the shirt on your back and the pants and shoes you have on, you know that you will have nothing else to wear for some time. Returning to your home after the floods subside, there will be untold amounts of flood damage and mold damage. Sadly, the bulk of everything you have ever worn is likely to be moldy and/or full of mildew. Here is what professional mold damage restoration services say you can do to rescue some of your clothes. 

Wash Them with Bleach

If bleach will not damage the clothing, you may be able to save those clothes. Wash what you can with bleach. Socks, towels, underwear, and even denim jeans can be salvaged in bleach loads. Make sure these loads of clothes are then dried with a hot dry setting to kill any mold spores and mildew bacteria that linger. If you have clothes that cannot be washed with bleach, you have two other choices for the rest of your clothing/laundry.

Dry Clean Them

Dry cleaners have been able to successfully remove mold and mildew, as long as the mold and mildew have not stained the clothing and/or caused holes. It is extremely costly to dry clean a lot of clothes, so carefully consider items from your wardrobe that you desperately want to save. Anything that is starting to deteriorate from the mold and/or mildew, or items that are absolutely covered in mold, you will need to burn. 

Burn Them

You cannot save all of your clothes after a flood. What absolutely cannot be saved should be burned to prevent the further spread of spores and bacteria. A large burn barrel is ideal for this process as it will contain both the fire and the spores/bacteria within its chamber. 

Bag and Destroy Them

This last option is typically only one used by mold remediation specialists. It is reserved for clothing and other cloth items that have developed toxic molds. The deadly molds should not be touched or handled without proper protection, meaning that you will not be able to go near these items, let alone even touch them. The mold remediation team will very carefully bag all toxic mold-covered items, sealing these items up and away from you and your home before taking the bags away to destroy them.