Preparing Your Home For New Roof Installation

Having a good, solid roof that doesn't leak is very important. It protects our family from the elements. It also protects your belongings and the structure itself. You need to inspect it regularly, do small repairs when necessary, and know when it needs to be replaced. When the time comes for replacing it, having a professional do the work ensures that it will be done quickly and correctly. However, there are some things you will need to do to prepare for the residential roof installation professionals.

Preparing Outside

Before installing a new roof, there is a good chance the old roofing material will need to be removed. The materials will be dropped off the side of the building. It is important that you remove anything that may be in the way of the debris. You should also place drop cloths all around the area closest to the house to catch small nails and such. You should contact your waste removal company and have a dumpster delivered to hold all the old roofing. This will allow you to throw the debris out daily to keep it from blowing around and possibly getting into a neighbor's yard.

Preparing Inside

If the wood under the roofing materials has rotted, it will need to be replaced. Most of the time this will not be the whole roof but only the bad pieces. This will leave areas inside exposed completely. Even if the wood is good, the integrity of the roof will be compromised. If it rains, you can count on water getting inside and damaging things. You do not want to replace insulation or drywall because of water damage, so make sure you place heavy plastic under the roof, either in the attic or the crawl space. 

Kids and Pets

It would be best if you and your family and pets could leave the house during the project. If you cannot leave entirely until the job is done, make arrangements for your children and pets to be elsewhere when the roofers are working. This will not only ensure their safety, but also make things easier on the workers. No matter how well you watch young children and pets, they have a way of getting in the way of the workers.

It doesn't take a lot of time or work to prepare your home for new roof installation. However, the preparations you do can make the entire process faster, easier, and safer for everyone involved.