Are Your Trailer Wheels Aligned? Three Reasons Why It’s Important

Proper wheel alignment isn't just reserved for the cab. Proper alignment is equally important for your trailer. A misaligned trailer can create a number of different concerns, many of which can have long-term consequences. Make sure you understand the importance of trailer wheel alignment. 

Enhanced Control

When the wheels on a trailer are aligned, you have greater control of the trailer and the truck. Poor alignment prevents a vehicle from traveling straight. Instead, the truck will veer to one side or the other. In a car, this type of issue might only cause a minor problem. 

However, when you consider the amount of weight of a packed trailer, the trailer veering from one side to another can cause also pull the truck in the same direction. Instability, when you're driving, can put you and other motorists in danger. When your wheels are aligned, you won't have to struggle to keep the truck moving forward safely in its lane.   

Increased Fuel Efficiency

Poor wheel alignment can create issues with your fuel efficiency. When you consider the amount of fuel that a truck burns, any loss of efficiency can lead to considerably higher operating costs. With a trailer, poor alignment causes the tire can rub up against the wheel axle. 

As the tire rubs against the axle, it makes it harder for the wheel to rotate smoothly. Any level of resistance in the wheel's motion will cause the truck to work harder to move forward, which will result in increased fuel consumption. In addition to increased fuel costs, you might even put more wear on the engine. 

Trailer Damage

You can cause significant damage to your trailer if the wheels are out of alignment, and you don't correct the problem in a reasonable amount of time. As previously mentioned, a wheel out of alignment may rub against the wheel axle. However, when more than one wheel on an axle is out of alignment, the tandem axle will entirely rotate out of place.

If the tandem axle shifts too much, you may literally have to hold the steering wheel to one side to keep the vehicle straight. This problem is not just incredibly dangerous, but it can also cause significant damage to the axle. 

If the wheels on your trailer need to be aligned, take the truck to a repair professional as soon as possible. Prompt repairs will keep your operating costs lower and most importantly, keep you safer on the road. Contact a service, like A 24-7 Repair Services, for more help.