4 Things Every Homeowner Should Do For Their Gutters

Gutters are an easily overlooked but crucial part of any home. Your gutters protect the structural integrity of your roof by carrying water safely to the ground. It also protects the foundation of your house by moving water away from your basement and walls. In order to continue doing their job properly, your gutters need to be kept in excellent condition. Timely repair and routine maintenance will make this possible. Here are four things every homeowner or renter should do for their gutters.

1. Avoid placing stress on your gutters.

Your gutters are made from durable materials designed to stand up to frequent contact with water. However, they are not built to support a significant amount of weight. Using your gutters to support hanging planters or other types of decorative features is not advised. This can weaken your gutter and lead to collapse. If you have children or teenagers in your household, impress upon them the importance of not pulling or hanging on gutters. This will help your gutters last longer.

2. Test your gutters periodically.

It can be hard to tell if your gutters are working properly during a rainstorm. Most people don't want to put on a raincoat and stand outside in poor weather. Fortunately, you can test your gutters without getting wet. Use an outdoor hose to test your gutter. Simply climb up a ladder and use the hose to spray water onto your roof. When the water pours down your gutter, you'll be able to notice if it leaks through holes or cracks in your gutter. Slow-draining water can indicate a clog somewhere in your gutter which will need to be addressed.

3. Pay for residential gutter maintenance.

Residential gutter maintenance can help your gutters drain better and last longer. A gutter maintenance service will thoroughly clean out your gutters, removing sticks, leaves, bird's nests and other unwanted debris. If you utilize gutter filters to keep the largest pieces of detritus out of your gutters, your maintenance worker can also check these to ensure they're still intact, changing them if necessary.

4. Have your gutter repaired, if necessary.

If you or your maintenance service worker notices a problem with your gutter, you can have a residential gutter repair professional take care of it. They can reattach gutters that have come loose and replace sections of your gutter that have become rusted or damaged. A full gutter replacement is much more expensive than a simple gutter repair. Make the economical choice and have your gutter repaired as soon as you notice the first signs of damage.