Commercial Restorations To Rebuild Your Business Water Causes Severe Damage

There are several reasons why water can cause damage to your business. Sometimes, the damage is severe, and the restoration process can be difficult. Therefore, you want to know what you need to do to rebuild your business after severe water damage. The following information will help you with the commercial restoration process.

Auditing Damaged Commercial Inventory

There is going to be some inventory that was damaged by the water in your business. Some materials may be thrown out and an insurance claim made for the losses. Therefore, you are going to need to have an audit done. Auditing your inventory is important because it will help make insurance claims to cover losses and restorations costs.

Assessing the Damage to the Commercial Property

The damage to commercial property is the next step in the restoration process. You may need professional help inspecting your business and having repairs done. Some of the things that a commercial restoration service will look for during the inspection include:

  • Structural damage issues due to water
  • Materials that have absorbed moisture (flooring, wall finishes, and woodwork)
  • Damage to mechanical systems

A commercial restoration service will look for these issues that need to be repaired while inspecting your business.

Water Removal and Beginning the Demolition Process

After assessing the damage to your business, you will be ready to start the water removal process. This will begin by removing the standing water and preventing water from getting into your business. It is also important to ventilate your business to dry things out. Portable industrial fans will be used to dry up all the humidity and moisture before the repairs are completed.

Beginning the Process of Restorations and Rebuilding

After the water removal and demolition, you will be ready to begin the other repairs that need to be done. Some of the repairs that will need to be done include:

  • Replacing damaged drywall
  • Restoring damaged floors
  • Repairing damaged shelving, cabinetry, and woodwork
  • Replacing damaged mechanical system installations

These are some of the repairs that are going to need to be done during the water restoration process. This is also the time when you will want to consider improvements to prevent water damage in the future.

The problems with damage to your business can often be difficult to deal with. Therefore, you will want to contact a commercial restoration service to get the help you need to rebuild your business.