Dealing With A Burst Pipe In Your Home: Important Next Steps

A sudden whoosh. A rush of water. You're experiencing a burst plumbing pipe in your home, and the results can be disastrous--especially if you don't know what steps to take in order to minimize damage. Hopefully, you'll never be in a situation where you have to deal with a burst pipe in your home. If you are, however, knowing which steps to take right away will help you to be better prepared and to cut down on the amount of damage you have to face. Read More 

Floods And Mold Damage: When Your Clothes Are Left Behind

Flash floods are sudden and unyielding. It is important to get out and find higher ground quickly. When you barely escape with the shirt on your back and the pants and shoes you have on, you know that you will have nothing else to wear for some time. Returning to your home after the floods subside, there will be untold amounts of flood damage and mold damage. Sadly, the bulk of everything you have ever worn is likely to be moldy and/or full of mildew. Read More 

Caring For Your Marble Floors To Protect The Beauty And Investment

Marble is a beautiful option for finishing kitchens and bathrooms. Unfortunately, it's not a material that can be left alone for years before anything needs to be done. Marble will need some special attention from you if you'd like it to maintain its beauty. Here, you'll find a few tips that can help you keep your marble looking great. Invest in a Quality Dust Mop Marble floors must be kept clean to prevent the dirt and debris from scratching or discoloring it. Read More 

Is Your Shop Machine Shrieking And Squealing? What To Check First

If you have a machine on your shop floor that is starting to make some odd noises, like shrieking and squealing noises, you want to find out what the problem is before you have the entire unit breakdown. There could be a few small problems that just need to be replaced or repaired to stop these sounds and issues, and to prevent future complications from becoming a costly and necessary expense. Read More 

Running Out Of Hot Water All The Time But Can’t Get A New Boiler? What To Do

If you are always running out of hot water throughout the day and the boiler that you use to heat water is getting old, there are some things that you can do. If the cost to purchase and install a new one is out of the budget and not on the agenda any time soon, you will have to find other ways around this problem. Talk with a boiler installation professional about doing the following things throughout the house, to help eliminate the hot water problems you're dealing with. Read More